Bobbi Palmer

Helping women over 40 finally find the true love that has eluded them.
Bobbi Palmer

I spent 30 years wondering why every other woman got to be loved—except me.

I had great friends, nice stuff, and a successful career, yet when it came to having a relationship with a man who made me feel secure and adored—it never happened. Not once.

After years of blaming men, the world, the women’s movement, the size of my thighs, my intellect, and my narcissistic mother, I finally did a deep dive into the only thing I had any control over—ME.

From Online to In-Love

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Love Online After 40

Learn secrets and practical skills for using the world's most powerful tool to meet an incredible “grown up” man online. This powerful formula will get you noticed and make you wildly attractive to the right man.


It took a few years of difficult inner work, but in 2006 I finally found love—and I did it online. I walked down the aisle for the first—and last!—time at the age of 47.

What finally allowed me to break free from my perpetual singledom?

I accepted that I was the common denominator in my decades of dramas, disappointments, and sad stories…and this was actually really good news.

Because it meant I had the power to change things. I had the power to chip away what wasn’t working so that I could attract what I really wanted and needed in a relationship.

I now get to share my life with a kind, strong, loving man—who digs me just the way I am. He lets me be me, while occasionally reminding me that I can be better. (Having that mirror held up is a positive part of a healthy relationship, don’t you think?)

After all these years together, after being my rock through the death of both my parents, after starting a new life together in another country, I still have occasional days when I wonder if he’s going to break up with me. That’s what happens after 30 years of being single. The old stuff can be hard to shake.

You see… I have lived your story.

I know firsthand how we stand in our own way, place so little value on our own loveliness, underestimate and misinterpret men, trust myths that only get us in trouble, follow outdated rules, and hide behind our fears instead of boldly and fearlessly going after the love we deserve.

I finally learned how to LOVE and BE LOVED.

And because of this, I finally have the kind of security and happiness I thought was reserved for other women. I walk my talk every day as I help women do what I finally did, but in a MUCH simpler and faster way!

When you learn from me, you’re getting the compassion of an expert with firsthand experience of how it feels being a single woman at this time of life, along with the skills you need to make real change happen.

You gotta know this:

It’s not too late.
There is nothing wrong with you.
There are just some things you don’t yet know.

Look…I am proudly imperfect. I am a short, fluffy, sassy, left-leaning, enthusiastic, optimistic, gentle-but-direct internationally recognized coach and trusted guide who helps smart, independent women (like you!) find and live their grownup love story. (Whew! Did you get all that?)

I want you to consider me your hand-holder, mentor, trusty adviser, truth-teller, and co-pilot on your over-40 journey to finding love. I’ve been told that I’m like your best girlfriend who “has her sh** together about men.”

I’ve helped thousands of over-40 women around the world write their grownup love story. Now it’s your turn.

Let’s get this party started!


Bobbi Palmer

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

  • 30 years making every dating and relationship mistake
  • Helping thousands of over-40 women find love since 2008
  • 25 years as an international adult educator and dating coach
  • Author of The 7 Secrets to Finding Love after 40: How I Learned to Date Like a Grownup and Marry the Man of My Dreams at 47
  • In addition to live and virtual speaking engagements, Bobbi shares her expertise on The Today Show, AARP, Huffington Post,,,, Women’s World Magazine and many other publications, radio, and internet programs
  • Happily married since 2006, proud step-grandparent of four, loving cat mom

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