The Fastest Way To Stop Your Mind From Going Into A Tailspin

It has happened to you more times than you can count.

It may even be a regular thing.

Something happens and you get upset—and before you know it, it’s all you can think about.

Your mind goes down a rabbit hole, and you can’t focus on anything else.

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Maybe your neighbor scratched your car and acted as if it was nothing.

Or your spouse is late from work—again—after telling you they’d make more time for you.

It could be that your kid leaves a mess no matter how many lectures you’ve given.

Your mind starts:

How could he be so inconsiderate?

Doesn’t she think about anybody but herself?

Why are people always taking advantage of me?

Your blood starts to boil. Your breathing gets shorter. You want to scream.

Welcome to Storyland.

Storyland: The Most Miserable Place On Earth

Storyland is the place where you make meaning about whatever just happened.

If you didn’t visit Storyland, you would probably quickly get over whatever happened and move on.

But instead, you decide to hang out at Storyland. You take whatever happened (the scratch, the forgetting, the mess) and turn it into an epic battle of righteousness.

You start projecting all these ideas onto the other person: why he said what he did, why she’s so careless, what kind of beef they must have with you in the first place to act in such an appalling way.

And it’s all happening in one place: your mind.

Inevitably, you start to feel really lousy in Storyland. That’s because you’re pulling all this negative energy toward you. Your mind has piled up all sorts of evidence for why you should be upset and why you’re not safe.

It all seems so REAL—this Storyland you’ve invented.

Storyland’s Main Character: The Protective Personality

The “protective personality” is my preferred term for the ego, because that’s exactly what it is: it’s just trying to keep you safe.

Safe, for your protective personality, means never being hurt, scared, or undermined ever again.

Unfortunately, it goes about trying to keep you safe in all sorts of detrimental ways.

Say you fell in love in college, and then this person ripped your heart to pieces. Your protective personality will take notes and try to keep you safe by never letting you get too close to someone. This way, the protective personality can guarantee you’ll never be devastated again.

Or maybe you feel you were taken advantage of early on in your life, and so that scratch on your car today fills you with more rage than you know what to do with. Someone else with a different experience from you may simply get a little annoyed and just get it fixed, but for you, this incident stirs up a lot of emotion.

But if you felt slighted as a child in some way—perhaps your sibling got all the attention—then this little scratch becomes a huge offense, one that wakes up all those old emotions you thought you buried long ago.

And it’s because, at any sign of “attack,” your protective personality conjures up all the stories that make up Storyland.

Real Safety Isn’t In Your Mind, No Matter How Much You Think

Being ruled by your protective personality because of something that happened to you long ago isn’t fun.

And it creates a false sense of safety.

I liken it to a ceiling fan—your mind is spinning so fast that you’d never stick your finger in it.

Storyland becomes your prison, and fear takes over.

There’s no real safety in fear.

If you’re always on the offensive, there’s still no guarantee against outside circumstances. You have no control over what happens out there. You’re only true safety lies in knowing you can handle WHATEVER is happening.

When you can interrupt the breaker switch that creates Storyland, you are no longer expending energy in creating stories that are probably not even true—and are only fueling the fire.

Your neighbor may be going through a really tough time.

Your spouse is wonderful in so many other ways.

Your kid is just being a kid.

Your Body Is Your Safest Haven And It Knows The Truth

When your mind goes into Storyland over a perceived slight or attack, you’ve essentially tuned out of your body. And your body is the only place where you’ll find the real story.

The real story is that you are magnificent. And you are love.

Your body, unencumbered by all the thoughts of your mind, knows this intuitively. It knows that no matter what happens “out there,” the core of who you are—love—cannot be touched.

Your body has been trying to talk with you all the time. The soul speaks to the body, and the body speaks to the mind. But your mind has been drowning it out with its fruitless stirring.

When you anchor into your body, your mind is tethered and will no longer go into the stories that in turn generate fragmented energy that weighs you down, exhausts you, and keeps you from living the magnificent life you were born for.

See, your true self doesn’t worry, or fret, or feel that the world is against her.

Your true self is simply magnificent.

In this magnificence, your true self knows that it is not defined by what anyone says or does—or doesn’t say or do. It knows that you are safe just because you exist—and it also knows that everyone else is, too. Your true self knows that if anyone is behaving a way that does not feel right, kind, or safe, it’s because THEY are being driven by their protective personality.

But as long as you allow your protective personality to rule the show, you’ll be robbing yourself of everything you were meant to be and experience.

How To Live The Magnificence You Already Are

You really have two choices: you can go to the mind and keep trying to figure out why that person did this or that—and keep spinning—or you can take your attention to your body for a greater sense of self and the situation.

My specialty is helping people discover how to live their best lives by tapping into the wealth of the body.

As people learn there’s a whole other reality underneath the mind, they realize there’s a whole other reality underneath the mind that is trying to rise up to their conscious awareness, and all they have to do is put their conscious awareness on that.

Once you learn to shift your awareness from your mind to your body, you’ll not only feel calmer and not at the mercy of life, but you’ll also free up all this space to start generating new ideas and solutions for your life.

As much as I can describe this for you, you need to see it and practice it to believe it. In my program Energy For Life, I’ll teach you powerful exercises that will slow down rapid-fire thinking so you can experience a greater version of yourself. I’ll teach you how to work with the protective personality so that it is no longer driving your life.

Your body is always trying to communicate with you—whether through a gut feeling or a lump in your throat. These are all messages from your authentic self saying, “Will you please listen?”

In Module 2, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for how to take your attention to the body so that you can finally become attuned to what your body has been telling you all along.

In Module 3, you’ll learn how to slow the breath. Because when you slow the breath, you slow the mind.

Put Your Mind In Its Rightful Place

Eventually, you’ll get more used to operating in this relaxed state—regardless of your external circumstances, so you are not like a leaf blowing in the wind, affected by circumstances. You stay grounded, no matter what’s happening. And that’s the real story.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. If you’re in your head a lot, this requires an enormous amount of energy, and that leads to STRESS.

The fastest way to get out of the madness in your head is to make a beeline for the body. In Energy For Life, I’ll teach you some simple moves that have a massive impact—slowing down your rapid-fire thinking and giving you a sense of confidence, groundedness, and happiness you’ve never known:

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