If You Think You’ll Never Get Over Something, It’s Time To Tell Your Mind Who’s Boss

Someone did something to you that was plain wrong.

If you bring up the incident in your mind and really think about it, you feel sadness, rage, regret—or a mixture of all these.

You’re a good person, a loving person.

But this thing that person did—you just can’t get past it.

This person’s behavior caused you pain or loss—even if momentarily.

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Why do you have to forgive this person?

Maybe you don’t even have any contact with them anymore—it was so long ago.

What’s the use?

Besides, it may feel that forgiving this person is equal to saying that what they did was right. No, no it wasn’t.

But as you’ll learn in this message, not forgiving is actually akin to punishing yourself thousands of times over—and it’s keeping you from living the life you were meant for.

The Place You Can’t Fathom Is The Place You Must Go

Right now, you are sitting on a marvelous gift.

That grudge you’re holding toward this person is actually a direct portal to the magnificent life waiting for you.

See, everything is energy. And it takes a lot of energy to hold on to resentment. It takes energy to create the resentment, and it takes energy to sustain it—day after day.

This is eating away precious resources for you.

Not forgiving is blocking you from feeling your true sense of self.

Your core self is unblemished—without resentment. It is all love.

But you’re afraid to go there because your protective personality—your ego—is telling you that if you forgive, you won’t be safe. It’s telling you that if you forgive, you’re making whatever they did right, and you’re opening yourself up for potentially more hurt.

There’s one little problem here:

Your Protective Personality Is Lying (In Order To Keep You Safe)

Your protective personality is just trying to do its thing—keep you safe—but it doesn’t realize it’s going about it in all the wrong ways.

It’s looking for safety—love—in all the wrong places.

It thinks that if it can control whatever is happening out there, you’ll never get hurt in here.

But how can you get hurt in here when your core self is pure love?

The answer is you can’t!


No matter what someone did, he or she can never touch your core essence. But YOU—you can. And what you’re doing by not forgiving is keeping your core essence of love from shining it’s magnificent light.

Again, it takes enormous amounts of energy to do this.

No wonder you feel so weighed down.

The Way Out Of This Quagmire: Flip The Story And Clear The Energy

What if the perpetrator in your life actually brought you the greatest gift? What if whatever he or she did happened to bring you into your magnificence?

How does that feel to think these thoughts?

Does it feel better than to spin into the story about what happened?

It should, or at least it could, because this is your truth. That feeling of lightness is your body speaking the truth.

And the truth is that this person has been divinely appointed for you to learn something very important in this life. You have a soulful contract with this person.

In other words, you’re both each other’s teachers. Rest assured that he or she did not get off scot-free—they’re learning some serious lessons about what happened, too.

The soulful contract—whatever happened—is all pointing to knowing your greatness.

But you can’t get there if you’re stuck judging the situation as wrong.

If You Think It Shouldn’t Have Happened, Life Won’t Happen For You

The moment we judge something as bad is the moment your energy gets blocked. It’s what I call gunk in the system.

This gunk makes you operate as if something is missing. Then all the love we are made for can’t get to us. And we’re exhausted.

As long as you live in your head—in the story—you will stay stuck. And you’ll never get to that place of FULFILLMENT you thought you’d be in.

Life is supposed to be for you, in your favor. It should always be flowing for you. It WANTS to flow for you—but it can’t if you don’t believe it IS flowing for you.

When you get under the story your mind has created about what happened—and free up all the energy it takes to sustain that story—you make forgiveness something you actually want to do.

We do this by creating an environment in your body where you are no longer rattled by what happened.

How Forgiveness Becomes As Easy As Breathing (So Peace Is Always Accessible To You)

You have an option—another way of approaching your circumstances that could change everything for you.

For over 30 years, I’ve been teaching doctors, patients, and clients how to let go of things they never thought they could get over—and step into the magnificence waiting for them.

My specialty is finding out what your perceived obstacles are and removing them so that you can live the life you’re meant to be living.

In my Energy For Life program, you’ll learn my step-by-step method for releasing the pain in your life and allowing greater energy to flow into your life.

We do this through re-writing the story in your mind and opening up the space in your body. Your mind can be a phenomenal tool—if you don’t allow it to drive your life. Combined with the vast wisdom in your body, it’s an amazing team that will allow you to create the life of your dreams—free of resentment and regret.

In module 7, I’ll teach you how to bring love to a difficult situation or person and shift the dynamic, freeing up precious energy that can be redirected to creating the life you were meant for.

People who have gone through the methods in the program say that they are no longer reacting to things the way they used to—when they were at the mercy of life. Instead, they’re in a creatorship kind of role for the first time.

And with that comes forgiveness they never thought was possible—and in a completely different way than they thought forgiveness required.

Forgive Now And Find Freedom

There is a wave of grace trying to happen in your life, and if it’s not happening, we’re going to get to the bottom of that.

You’re going to realize that the universe is on your side, operating in your favor. When you know this in your core, you’ll stop living life from the place of “How the hell am I going to survive this?” to living as if everything is happening in gracious orchestration: showing you how beautiful and magnificent you are.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

P.S. We don’t believe anyone else can change until we experience personal transformation.

As you see the change in yourself, you’ll start to believe in the possibility of change in others. Then, as if by magic, they do change. And this is only the beginning of the miracles waiting for you:

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