Want To Be More Confident In Making Life’s Important Decisions? Start Listening To Your Gut

Have you ever experienced that still, small voice inside that tells you something isn’t quite right?

For example…

You’re driving down the freeway and something tells you to slow down NOW, and seconds later the semi in front of you blows a tire.

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You’re at a restaurant waiting on someone you’ve just started dating, and for some reason decide to leave before they show up. Later, you discover they’ve lied to you because they’re married.

You’re checking out a used car, and although it’s exactly what you wanted, something tells you that you shouldn’t go through with the purchase. You go home, do a little more internet research and discover that you would have overpaid by thousands of dollars.

If you’ve ever been saved from making a bad move because you decided to listen to that small voice inside you, you probably appreciate the value of intuition.

But what if you’ve NEVER had a gut feeling that you trusted?

Or you’ve listened to what you THOUGHT was your gut, only to have it lead you astray?

Or you think the concept of intuition is just a bunch of woo-woo mumbo jumbo?

That would be unfortunate, because there’s a world of incredible wisdom you’re missing if all you’re doing is relying on thinking, logic, and reason to guide you through life.

Logic And Reason…Great For Some Things, Not Others

Logic and reason are wonderful, useful tools. They’re great for designing machines and buildings and for solving complex equations and scientific inquiries. This type of mental processing is also quite useful for everyday tasks like balancing your checkbook and making a grocery list.

We’ve built our civilization (literally) thanks to a lot of thinking and analysis by many, many talented and intelligent individuals over millennia.

But there are things in life for which logic and reason aren’t the best go-to resource:

If you’re deciding whether or not to say “yes” to a marriage proposal.

If you’re choosing between this line of work over that line of work, and you want to love your job.

If you want to know whether to break up or get a divorce, or stay and work on your relationship some more.

If you have to decide between making an offer on this house versus the other five you’ve looked at.

If you’re wondering if it’s a good time to have a baby.

Or which babysitter to choose, or what your child needs when they’re upset and crying.

These are all situations where thinking, logic, and reason may not necessarily serve you in the best possible way.

When it comes to some of life’s critical choices, you can weigh your options for weeks, make spreadsheets, do a ton of research and ask people for advice, and STILL end up making a decision that turns out to be wrong in the long run.

That man you married? He turned out to be an abusive addict. That job you took? The boss turned out to be a raging narcissist. That house you bought? It turned out to be a money pit.

On the other hand, you can have a “hunch,” make your decision instantly and without hesitation, and end up saving yourself years of heartache or hassle.

Why is using your thinking mind so flawed when it comes to the bigger picture and some of the most important choices in life?

Think of it like driving a car…but from the wrong seat.

Using Only Logic Is Like Trying To Drive From The Hood Of The Car

Woman With Sunglasses On Her Head

What if you tried to drive your car by navigating from the hood? You wouldn’t get very far, would you? Sure, you’d be up front and could see the road ahead clearly, but you wouldn’t be able to speed up, slow down, or steer. You also wouldn’t know if you had enough fuel or whether your engine needed oil.

Going through life living “in your head” and making decisions all based on thinking is a lot like this. You’re operating on limited information—just what’s on the outside of the car and the road up ahead.

On the other hand, when you enter the car and sit down in the driver’s seat, you have access to the full console. You can see how much fuel you have, how fast you’re going, whether your engine needs oil or a tune-up, or your tires need to be inflated more. The outside thermostat would let you know if the rain was going to ice up the road and the navigation system would tell you the best route to take.

You would still be able to see the road, but you’d have a LOT more information and control at your disposal.

The same thing happens when we are able to come into our body (“the driver’s seat”) instead of thinking our way through everything (“the hood”).

We get access to all sorts of hidden data.

That’s because our subconscious mind is constantly scanning memories, bodily sensations, our surroundings, and all our senses to determine whether something is right or if it’s “off” in some way.

Then our subconscious sends messages to our body, but the messages are subtle and difficult to detect if we’re not used to listening.

The Subtle Language Of The Body—And How To Use It

Even if you’ve never listened to your intuition, it’s still there.

Woman Holding Dog And Laughing

Your body always has something to say about your life, you just haven’t thought of it that way before.

I’m sure you’ve experienced your heart racing and your knees shaking when you tried something physically challenging for the first time, like downhill skiing.

You’ve felt a knot in your stomach when your doctor called you with test results.

Or, you’ve felt a pleasant, buzzing sensation in your head when you kissed your beloved for the first time.

These are not sensations borne out of your THINKING mind. This is the language of your body.

It’s telling you that “this isn’t safe” or “you should pay attention here” or “this is soooo right.”

Imagine if you could FINE-TUNE this communication and benefit even MORE from it.

Imagine if you could know instantly whether something was good or bad for you. Imagine being decisive and confident in the choices you make in life, and knowing that in the end, it’s all going to work out.

You’d trust your intuition, and you’d trust your life.

You’d see that everything you said “yes” to was for your higher purpose. Maybe not right away, because the ultimate gift wouldn’t be apparent until years later, but in the end, you’d see that you’ve grown in wisdom and resilience.

And you wouldn’t change a thing.

Because your choices brought you here, and you love your life.

Listen To Your Body And Love Your Life. Here’s How…

The first step to accessing your intuition is knowing how to be fully in your body.

That can be challenging if you’re someone who lives inside their head all the time.

Two Friends Laughing

That’s where I come in. For the past 20 years I’ve been helping my patients access the wisdom of their bodies, so they can achieve their fullest magnificence in life.

I’ve partnered with Flourish to help people like you get back into the driver seat of your life, by ridding yourself of the beliefs and patterns that are robbing you of your vital life force. And you can get more of my advice…for FREE…when you subscribe to our transformative newsletter.

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One of the secrets to a joyful life is knowing how to make choices and decisions that are in alignment with your highest good, and staying true to who you really are.

I can’t wait to help you develop the skills to do just that.

With Great Love,

Sue Morter

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