Avoid These Common Mistakes That Most Women Make With Men And Never Be Ghosted, Rejected Or Heartbroken Again

Have you grown tired of dating?

Are you frustrated by men?

Do you ever think of giving up on love forever?

If so, it’s for some very good reasons.

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You’ve dated too many players, jerks and losers. You’ve gone on endless coffee dates with men you can’t imagine ever kissing. You’ve been ghosted by the ones you DID kiss.

In short, you haven’t met the right man, and you aren’t where you thought you’d be in your love life by now.

You may have even started wondering if you should take a break from men, and just enjoy your hobbies and girlfriends again.

But no matter how social and active you get, a loneliness still creeps in.

You have to admit: nothing beats having someone in your life who loves you and has your back, no matter what.

But shouldn’t meeting a great man be easier than it is?

Shouldn’t you meet a man you like, and have fun together without constantly wondering if he’s into you, too?

And when you do meet a man with whom the sexual tension is undeniable and the conversation flows—shouldn’t he want to see you again?

Shouldn’t he recognize what a great catch you are and how amazing you’d be together?

More often than not, however, that man you were into fades out of your life—even if you slept with him. Even if he said he was into you, too.

I get it.

You’re stuck.

It’s easy to get stuck—on how things should be.

Stuck on the idea that your looks, accomplishments or sharp mind should make it easier to find love. Or that a man should do what he says he’s going to do. Or he should automatically be exclusive if he’s sleeping with you.

But if you’re endlessly thinking of the way things should be, you’re not opening your eyes to how things really are.

How Bad Dating Experiences From Your Past Lead To Critical Dating Mistakes Today

Dating can really suck if you expect things to be a certain way based on what you BELIEVE about men.

Maybe you believe men are complicated, can’t be trusted, or are emotionally unavailable. You’ve come to these conclusions because men have disappeared after a few great dates, cheated on you or pulled away after telling you they loved you.

This leads you to be mistrustful or guarded around men, and a man can’t fall in love with you when you aren’t open to him.

You ask him leading questions about his past. You scoff at him, assuming he’s lying when he tells you he was busy with work last weekend. You demand to know “where this relationship is going” way too early.

Maybe you believe that men have all the power because they’re the ones who ask you out, make the first move, or propose marriage.

You try to take back your power by taking all the initiative with a man. Asking HIM out. Planning a date that YOU want to go on. Letting him know that you’re interested in him.

Man and woman laughing and talking

How’s that working for you? Chances are that when you started pursuing him, he stopped pursuing you. In fact, your attempt to show him you are interested actually just pushed him away!

Or perhaps you believe that most men want their freedom, not marriage. So you make sure to “screen” men carefully on the first or second date.

You don’t want to waste your time if a man doesn’t state up-front that he’s in it for the long haul… right?

Wrong. Because this leads you to come across as an interrogator on dates. Or like you’re interviewing him for a job instead of getting to know him.

Your beliefs lead to mistakes that sabotage your chances with men.

As a result, you haven’t found anyone who’ll stick around for long.

It’s infuriating, I know.

The more careful you are, the less luck you have.

You can’t stop wondering if you might end up alone forever.

It’s no wonder you’re fed up with dating!

You don’t deserve this kind of love life, and you don’t have to accept it.

All of this pain, all of this heartbreak and disappointment and inexcusable ghosting and broken promises and confusing mixed messages…

ALL OF IT can change if you are willing to embrace this one powerful truth:

The problem isn’t YOU. The problem isn’t MEN.

The problem is these INCREDIBLY COMMON MISTAKES you are making that sabotage your efforts of true love.

And that’s good news, because once you know what these mistakes are, and know what to do instead, everything changes.

It’s Time To Stop Making The Same Mistakes And Find True Love At Last

In my 15 year career as a dating and relationship coach, I’ve heard countless stories of heartbreak, but they’re surprisingly similar.

You meet the same kind of toxic guy, you get dumped the same way, or you go through the same roller-coaster of emotions—starting with ecstatic chemistry and optimism, and ending in the doldrums of a lonely evening spent alone on the couch, surfing the internet.

Man holding laughing woman in his arms

What’s also surprising is how often my clients kept making the same common mistakes that led to these heartbreaking outcomes.

When you stop making the common mistakes that are causing men to pull away or disappear, and finally get the whole truth about what men think and want, an entirely new perception of men and relationships will open up for you.

As a result, you’ll begin to relax and have more fun with dating.

You’ll stop feeling so anxious, because you’ll be more accepting of yourself and your ability to attract the right man to you.

You’ll stop waiting around for a man, because you’ll know what his words and actions mean and what you should do about it.

You’ll feel more empowered because you’ll be in control of your romantic destiny from the first meeting until the day you make a lifetime commitment together.

In sum, you’ll enjoy dating more.

Do less work.

Get more love.

And my years of experience (including my own very happy marriage) tells me it’s entirely possible for you to have this—when you start doing things a lot differently. And it all starts with knowing WHAT to do so you finally get to enjoy the relationship that has eluded you thus far.

It’s why I’ve joined Flourish—a group of well-respected experts who are dedicated to spreading the truth about how to create love, what makes it last, and how to improve EVERY relationship in your life.

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When you subscribe to Flourish’s FREE dating and relationships newsletter, you’ll get smart, insightful advice with proven strategies. I’m pretty picky about who I keep company with, and my fellow experts at Flourish are some of the best in the field. You’ll learn about:

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  • What to do when you’re still pining over an old flame—including a piece of advice that will finally open up your eyes to why he’s NOT the one for you after all

I want you to take back your power when it comes to dating. I want you to have more fun and see the world of single men as a friendly place.

All of us here at Flourish come from a place of TRUTH. With truth, you’ll gain peace of mind. Confidence. Understanding of men. Understanding of what kind of man will really make you happy.

Your friend,

Evan Marc Katz

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